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About Simple Sacks

Our Story

Simple Sacks NH was launched ten years ago after acquiring some fabulous fabric that a local furniture store was throwing away. My friend Cheryl Hurst and I began to experiment making a variety of little purses.
 We got some bag styles together and did an holiday shopping party at my friend’s house in Watertown MA. It was a big hit! So here we are today.


After a year of cold calling furniture stores around New England, we now have furniture stores calling us to come and collect their fabric samples. It’s a blast collecting and organizing beautiful fabrics with such a variety of colors, textures, weights and designs. Each fabric is really one of a kind. There’s one for every personality. It is a good feeling for the furniture stores, our customers and us to know that we are all doing our part to support the recycling and conservation effort that is vital to our environment.


The price range for each style is very reasonable given the quality of the fabrics. In addition the purses and totes are crafted for quality inside and out. What a deal!

The samples come in various sizes. The exact size is listed next to every purse and is unique to that product. Just click on the photo of a purse and the details are displayed.


If you have a request for adjustments regarding size of bag, the length of the cord or looking for a particular color/design, please contact us at eileen@simplesacksnh.com .

Thanks for visiting us and we hope you enjoy shopping at
Simple Sacks NH.

Eileen Russ


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